1 Shippan Turkey Trot: No, seriously, how do I register for this race?

No, seriously, how do I register for this race?

Hi there. To register, please click on the orange register button on the home page. But, bear in mind, this is mostly for your informational purposes. If you're one of these super organized people who owns a printer, by all means, print it out and bring your registration printout with you to the race. It will serve as a raffle ticket for a prize. (Or, anyway, we're working on that.) But, if you forget it, or even forget to register, we'll still let you Trot. Because, we love you!

You may also notice that there's no registration fee. Take this as a sign from the universe that donating to our cause is a really good idea. We ask you to donate with us because we get our funds matched by a local foundation. And that means more food for homeless people. Plain and simple. 

Anything else? Email us at shippantrot@gmail.com

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